Monday, September 16, 2013

Cameron Turned ONE

Well better late than never...lots and lots of pictures!!!

June 20th, 2013 our little "fish" turned ONE- when I think back to this moment, I wonder where the time ever went.  We have had such a fun year with little Cameron, there are no words to describe the love he has brought to our family.  His big brown eyes light up a room and his smile melts your heart. His laid back personality fits just perfect with our family of 3.   To celebrate his special day we had our family and close friends over the weekend before for some outdoor fish fun.

My mom, sister and I decided to make "fish" cake pops- they were a huge hit.  

Every fish party calls for live goldfish- one survived and his name was Cheddar
 (has recently gone to fish heaven

This was the most fun- making his "fish" months- it was so fun to look back and see how he has grown

Was such a beautiful day

Then on his actual birthday- June 20th, 2013

I had mommies with babies over to celebrate- talk about a mad house- babies everywhere!!


So blessed to have such wonderful friends

Happy Birthday Cameron, we love you so much, but I think next year mommy will just do one party....hehe

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  1. Love this post! Better late than never! My babies look so tiny here though:(